Sunday, June 22, 2014

This is how we do it.

Your daily dose of GET PUMPED. Thanks LBTEPA

So, yea. I've gone from ~12 hours of weekly training to 9:30 to 7:15. 

Are you tired of me yet? 

I guess it's time for RACE STRATEGY! WOOO HOOO! I'm posting this because I have a lot of people who read my blog because they love them a good train wreck are interested in multisport but don't currently participate. 

For those of you in the know, the race is a 1500m swim, 30 mile bike + 10K run. This is the bike elevation profile: 

Warm Up:
10 minute swim.

1500m Swim:
Before starting: 1 gel + salt tablets.

As far as finish time, last year was my fastest swim ever. Still, I made a few mistakes. The first mistake was that I did not situated myself correctly at the start, and I started with the men in 45-49 ag. This year, I am going to start in the front. I've been practicing sprinting for the first 100m or so and then finding a rhythm. These guys are big and strong, and last year I got run over too many times. I can compete with the top 3 men, so I am going to start with them. 

We all know the saying, "You can't win a race on the swim, but you can lose it." My goal for the swim is hard & controlled. 

Last year, I was 4th on the swim, and that's because of the very long run to transition. My swim alone put me in 2nd. I was passed on the way to transition. This year, once I get out of the water, I really need to run hard to the bike. Once I'm on the bike, I can take a few minutes to calm down.  I'll strip off the wetsuit when I get out of the water. With that long of a run, I know I need to run hard. The best way for me to do that is sans wetsuit.

30 mile Bike:

This is what I really want to focus on because I want to pace this better than I did last year. 

Miles 1-4: Rolling hills. Hold under 90% for the first 4-5 miles. HOLD BACK. 

Miles 4-14: BIG climb (this is the longest climb) followed by a sharp 1 mile descent.  On the climbs, no more than 120% and 120% for only 1-3 minutes at a time.

Miles 15-17: 2nd BIG climb (This is the steepest climb) followed by 1 sharp descent with turns.

Miles 17-30: It's rollers all the way home, a lot of straightaways and very few turns. This part of the course is VERY fast. Last miles are a strong 90-95% FTP.

I have been training with setting my garmin to drink every 10 minutes. I rotate through sports drink and water. 

This year, I must go easier on the first set of rollers and prepare for the climbs. Last year, I hit those first rollers SO hard. I was burned up by the time I got to the 2nd climb.

It was pretty ugly.

The key to my bike is that I've never really raced using power, and I've been learning my zones. This might be hit or miss, but my goal is to get as close to that as I can for the end part.....which is why taking it a little easier in the beginning is really important. I did really well at E-Rock (minus the fact that I went a little too hard at the start). I think I'll be able to pull this off. 

GOAL: Last year, I was on the bike for 1:36:46. I have to plan for about that time. 36-48oz on the bike of water (depending on the heat) and my concentrated drink (which I have been training with) ~400 calories + 750-1000mg of sodium which means a salt tablet in addition to my sport drink.

I feel really good about getting a bike PR, as long as I stick to my plan.

Also, during the last 10 minutes of the ride, I'll take a gel to get ready for the run.

Let me sum up: Take it easy, hold back then hit the 2nd set of rollers. 500 calories on the bike and 36-48oz of water.

10K Run:

Wow. The run. I won't go into all the mistakes I made last year; most of which came from the issues on the bike.

My time last year: 1:05:50. This is a very nice run course with the normal little hills. Nothing significant in regards to hills. I will carry an extra gel with me for the halfway mark. (I will have taken a gel right at the end of the bike). As long as I pace on the bike and fuel on the bike, I'll run well. I know that to go sub 1:00 I need to hit an average pace of 9:39. My goal is to start the first mile around a 10:00-10:15 and pick up 15 seconds or so every mile until the halfway point. Then, the 2nd half will really be about going hard. If I follow this plan, it means that the last couple of miles are really going to have to hurt to go sub 1:00. (I've never gone sub 1:00. Not even in a stand alone 10K. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED).

If you've made it this far, and you want to read last year's race report, you can find it here.

Over the past few weeks and months, I've put so much into training. I'm so excited for this race. For me, it's less about my finish time than it is about following a plan. I know I can run hard at the end of a race. I trust the plan that my coach put together for me. The workouts that she put together for me, showed me how to go hard when it counts. I think the most important thing that I've gained is the confidence to do this, to make this happen. 

This week is all about eating well & recovery & putting it all together on Saturday.