Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You were warned

In case you missed it, and how could you POSSIBLY miss one of MY posts.

I'm doing the race on 7/13. The interesting part of this is that Boulder County basically called up the Race Director and said, "Yo', y'all gonna have to find a back up plan for your bike route because OLDE STAGE ROAD is JACKED UP."

What does that mean? They took out the hardest part of the race. I'm fine with that. Actually, I'm quite pleased. As much as I love climbing on the bike, my 70.3 is pretty flat. Coming off of Loveland, I wasn't really looking forward to another race with big climbs.

Now ask me how taper is going.....

LET ME TELL YOU. I'm two days into it.

1.) I can't eat enough. I'm slamming down smoothie after smoothie trying to keep the edge off.

I'm failing in that regard.

2.) I pretty much got my ass kicked at masters today.

What else is new?

3.) I started watching Season 1 of True Detective.


4.) I was spaced out at the pool today, just staring off into space, when all of a sudden I realized that I was staring right at my lane mate's crotch.

He didn't really seem to mind.

5.) Another friend dropped out of two races we had planned. Why?

He bought a puppy, and it's so cute. I can't really blame him.

6.) I wrote my race plan.

You are so lucky. I'm going to post it here....just for the helluvit. That and I'm tapering.

7.) I got up this morning and was buzzing around when JMan says to me, "What are you doing? Why are you acting all crazy? Wait. You're tapering. SO HELP ME."

8.) I decided to post songs from my GET PUMPED race list. Eminem always seems to dominate my playlist. And Linkin Park.

Now excuse me. I have to get back to that tapering thing.