Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm posting this in case you are not a FB friend and therefore, missed it. That, of course, begs the question: Why aren't you a FB friend? Prefer to stalk? That's ok too. You do You.

This is the week of going rogue. I finished my A race and will be starting my next training cycle. Coach told me that this is my mid season break to mentally recharge & get away from structured training before we head into a big training block. Her only requirement is that I don't sit on my ass all week. Of course, to prevent any said "sitting on my ass", she was kind enough to enter some low key, non structured workouts. 

Midseason break: WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA. Seriously, I tend to get burned out during the season. I don't mean the dangerous "burn out". I mean that early mornings, driving to races, constantly negotiating my schedule; that combined with the fact that I race once a month (or in this case every other week for a few weeks), all that takes a toll on me.  I never really thought about taking a break before.

How does going rogue work? I'm really not very good at that part, I'm pretty happy with swimming, biking & running. I know that it is a good idea for me to take a couple of days to do something different. It's summer in CO. It's not like I can't find something to do.

Sunday was a day off. This was definitely "sit on my ass day". We went to the race track and basic movements were uncomfortable: going from sitting to standing---NO. Decending and climbing that giant flight of stairs: I look don't want to talk about it.

Monday, Coach recommended a super-dee-duper-easy bike. AH! My opportunity to GO ROGUE! I really didn't feel like getting on my bike. Instead, I thought, "I'm going to take the dog for an easy hike."  Yes. That sounded much more rogue-y. So, after the wrestling match that is bath time, we hit the trail for about 45 minutes.

(The dog officially hates me now).

For Tuesday: She recommends 30 minutes at masters....swimming super-dee-duper-easy. Like my lane mates are going to believe me when I say, "My COACH SAID SO."

JMan and I are going hiking on Wed.

Then, it's back to Boulder for the Thursday swim. Sadly, My giiiirrrrllll won't be there this week. I had a great time last week, and I love getting out to different open water venues. 

Saturday, it's back here for the MHM Cancer Sucks swim.

All in all, a fun week of being a little rogue-y.

After that, it's back to "work".