Friday, May 2, 2014

Less than perfection is perfect

I was going to write about this topic in regards to training. Then, I realized that it's so true in every way.

For training, I have this lovely training plan. The plan outlines everything that I'm supposed to do. It's neat, clean & organized.

But, life is not neat, clean & organized. That training plan is the ideal. It's what can happen if I lived in a vacuum. I don't. Sometimes I miss a workout. Sometimes, they don't go as planned. Sometimes, I screw up my fueling. Sometimes, I don't eat enough the day before. Sometimes work gets in the way. Sometimes, I have to handle family issues or scheduling conflicts.

When you've been doing this for awhile, you learn this very quickly. Something goes wrong or not according to plan, and you just keep moving. Don't worry about it. Keep moving forward.

I was in the pool, on my own because I couldn't make it to masters, and I thought about people that I know. The reason I love them is because of all their quirky little things. I love this person because he's stubborn and this person because of her biting sarcasm and this person because of her brutal honesty and this one because of her dark sense of humor.

I love people who are human and don't put on some kind of act. I've always preferred when people be themselves. Maybe you're 10lbs heavier than you want to be. Maybe you have more gray hair than you want. Maybe you have more than your share of wrinkles. Those are the things that I love about my friends.

That's what I find most attractive in people: they are who they are.

They are perfect because of their imperfections.