Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Silver linings

Every couple of months this song makes its appearance on my ipod. It did just that, this morning.

I love this song.


Lot's of shittake goings on here people!

First: Remember that which cannot be discussed?

CHANGE OF PLANS. As a small business, one little thing can have huge downstream affect. (That's the only business lingo I'll use today.) In an effort to create synergy across all  oops, sorry, I HATE it when my MBA starts showing.

So, what was it? We were going to move to Vegas. I'm very happy that we are NOT moving.  To think that the entire move was canceled because of one little thing.

But that is exactly what happened. We had one seemingly insignificant thing happen....and I was THRILLED that it happened. You know those small surprises that we all get once in awhile. Yep. Everything turned out much better than expected....much better than had we made the move.

No move. We are investing here in CO, starting some minor construction work on our existing warehouse; we really need a bigger facility. Until we can find a good location.....which is in the works....we're trying to make the existing location work. We're hiring a number of people and making some other investments: more development work, more everything. We're doing quite a significant investment in our marketing plan.

It's quite exciting.

Heading into summer means heading into our slower months. Although we see other companies contracting at this time, we've found that it's best to make our investments which we see the payoff in the Fall/Winter when we get super busy again.

I'm sort of a geek like that. I get all excited talking about business strategy and marketing plans and growth plans and financials; pretty much everything.

Most of all, I love hearing people's stories. If you have your own story, share it with me.

Trust me. Good or bad. I've probably made every single mistake out there. I've made decisions that not everyone can make or even wants to have to make. Been there, done that, so to speak.

That's work. Then there's personal stuff.

Now that we've hired people, my time in the warehouse will be minimal! HALLELUJAH! Look, I really love working in warehouse. Recently, I've spent so much time there that I've been stressed trying to get my work done...don't get me started about squeezing in training. It's been very challenging.

Next, JMan graduates soon. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. He and I have been counting down for months. In fact, we have only ONE MORE DAY OF getting up at the buttcrack of dawn.

Probably the most exciting news is some silly little thing.

Yesterday, I got a little itsy bitsy teenie weenie sliver of hope about a personal situation. This isn't work related, and it isn't a health related issue.

In other words, DO NOT BE ALARMED.

*DO* be excited for me....because well, it's a silly little thing like finding out those annoying neighbors are finally moving and coolest people ever are moving in next door.

Except that's not what is happening. But like that, the situation has been out of my control.  Ahhhh, but there might very well be closure/resolution.

Since this is a training blog (first and foremost). FOUR WEEKS until my first race! EEK! I'm so excited! I just want that first race of the season. My training has been so different. Different than any training since I started triathlon. That's a long time.

I have no goals for the race. I just want to put all the pieces together. Ok. I do have one goal. I forgot about it. I sure would like to run a sub 30 minute 5k off the bike. I ran a stand alone 5k in 27:50 a few weeks back. I can do this.

Until my next meltdown, my dear friends!