Monday, April 28, 2014

Girls chasing Boys

Over the weekend, I was thinking about how much I enjoy triathlon.

One of the more fun aspects is that we (typically) start in waves by age group and/or gender. Because of my advanced years (can you sense the eye roll), I'm usually in the last wave. There's also (usually) not very many of us.

I'm not a fan of ALWAYS starting last, but the one thing it does give me is the opportunity to chase the men in the +45 Age group. It's really fun. I don't do it because they are so damn hot to try to chick anyone, but it really is fun chasing after them. Besides, they are really really nice and supportive.(Don't get me wrong. The women are supportive too, but we're racing each other.)

This becomes even more fun when I know the guys that I'm chasing. Some of the men that I raced with last year....not *some*....ALL of the men that I raced with last year, were/are exceptional athletes. They are all very fast and usually podium. This makes it all the more fun for me to chase them.

I'll be doing PelicanFest this year for my early season (in CO) race. I was ALL geeked up because a friend of mine has convinced me to do it by saying those three special little words, "You can chase me."

Hang on....(1-2-3-4). I mean 4 words. (It's a good thing I'm good looking).

Lo and behold, I register, and he drops out.....siiiiigggghhhh. 

What is up with people this year? It's actually ok. He had a good excuse reason for canceling.

So now, I'll probably be prowling trying out various craigslist master's swims to see if I can flash my boobs  convince anyone to join me. At this point, I'll take a more butch lesbian.

I'm not really picky.