Friday, May 21, 2010

Thurs Swim

There's nothing to see here....simply writing down my workout....move along people.
(oh, but I DO want to thank you for your support)

I was scheduled for 1000m today. When I get to 1000m, my distorted distance perspective has me thinking, "That's not very much. I have 45 minutes dedicated to this swim. Maybe I should just do the 2250 that I had scribbled out."


Of course, I can do more.

That's not the point of this workout. The point of this workout is to start swimming again consistently.

I tuck my ego deep inside my swimcap and decide to finish the 4 sets, which granted does put me over the 1000 by 350m, but I feel good.

Therein lies catch. 1350, I feel great. Jumping into 2250....maybe not....maybe I would have sacrificed form. Maybe I would be too tired for my run later today.

The run.  That's what this is about afterall.

Warm Up:
2 x150 swim
100m kick (I do kicking drills on my back)
50 drill

Do the following 4 times
2x25m catch up (:10)
2x25m underwater recovery (:10)
4x25 Build (:15)

100m backstroke