Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to being me

This week I go back to my regular training that includes swimming, biking, running, strength training, yoga, and stretching.

I couldn't be happier. I put in alot of running miles over the past 5 months. Running is my focus this year, so I should be running more.

But I was running a SICK amount in order to train for the 50k.

Now, I can step back and incorporate swimming and biking into my training schedule.

I started TODAY with a recovery swim of about 700m. There are few things I enjoy as much as an easy swim after a race. Just LOVE.IT.

Tomorrow I'm doing one-leg drills on the bike and an hour of core work.

That leads me to Elephant Rock. Once again, I'm doing this bike tour, and I will be undertrained. Once again, it will probably hurt.

As long as it hurts less than previous years, I'm good. It's 62 miles. One of those distances where I think to myself "Oh just get through it. It's a couple of hours of nice easy climbs....except for that part where it's hard."


It's the easiest bike tour in the state....I think.

If I can't get through this, then I don't deserve to own my SWEET beast.

I guess this is my way of warning you that I'll be writing a "race" report, but this time, it might be quite enjoyable cuz there WILL BE PICTURES!

This year, I'm actually going to TAKE pictures along the route. The section as we ride up towards Pike Peak as the sun rises is just too beautiful for me to keep to myself. So, I will stop along the route to smell the to speak.

Besides, I have to do it.

The Sunrise Century is in July. and THAT, my friends, is a DOOZY in the most technical of terms.....climbing to 9000ft....with my limited amount of bike time, scares me.

So Elephant Rock is the "Get your butt in the saddle" ride. After which, I WILL get my butt in the saddle, riding up through Boulder to the Peak to Peak Highway, getting ready for Sunrise.

I'm BACK in the saddle people! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.