Thursday, May 6, 2010

Product Review: Recover03

I haven't done a product review in several years. I decided to do one on the new Gatorade Recover 03 for a couple of reasons.

I have tried every product under the sun and have not found a recovery drink that does not upset my stomach. I've always thought it was funny that I can eat/drink anything on the run but as soon as I stop, I bloat up so much that I can almost float off into the sky.

In fact, I have checked content of those pre-mixed drinks, powders, every chocolate milk out there, slimfast, name it-I've tried it...and I have been unable to figure out what is causing this problem.

That means I am always in the market for something new.

We all know that the first 30 minutes after a workout are critical to replacing nutrients.

I've seen the commercials for the Gatorade 1-2-3 products. Heck, if it works for Peyton Manning it should work for me, right?

I went up to the store. All Gatorade products were on sale....I mean really on sale. So, I thought "What the heck? I'll try it".

I checked the content of the Gatorade 01. It's basically a GU in juice form. I didn't bother even buying it because I am very happy with my AccelGel. I don't have any issues with consistency.

As for Gatorade 02: Well, it's Gatorade. You either love it or hate.

Basically, I'm saying do what you will with Gatorade 01 & 02.

However, the Gatorade 03 Recover drink might be something for you to try if you have any of the problems that I've had.

Let me give you the nutritional content first:
Calories: 130 for the 16.9 oz bottle.
Fat: 0
Sodium: 250mg
Potassium: 95mg
Carbs: 14g
Sugars: 12g
Protein: 16 (whey protein)

My first thought was that for an endurance workout, the carbohydrates were a little low. But, if it works, I can have a banana with it.

The first flavor that I tried was Mixed Berry. Now, honestly, I'm not a *berry* person. So, the first swig was a little overwhelming. However, I drank the bottle down in a few minutes. I noticed that I didn't have that bloating feeling. (It normals strikes immediately).

I took the drink after a 7 mile tempo run. It wasn't an extreme distance by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a tough workout.

For me, the experiment was a success. After having the drink, I didn't feel drained or as though I lacked any energy. Once I got home, I followed the drink with a banana to make up for the lack of carbohydrates.

Overall, I was impressed. I am going to use Gatorade Recover 03 again. Even though the Mixed berry was just "ok", not having stomach issues makes it well worth it for me. Next I'll try the lemon-lime.

To balance out my positive review, my son played basketball and had the lemon lime as his post-workout drink. He wasn't all that crazy about it and is going to stick with his drink. Then again, he didn't have the problems his crazy mom has.

Take my review and do with it what you will.

I'm sold and will be buying Gatorade Recover 03 again.