Thursday, May 27, 2010


30% off your favorite anti-aging products!

Get your best bikini-bod THIS summer with 40% off all weight loss products!

....the email screamed at me.

Anti-wrinkle formulas--GUARANTEED to eliminate those crow's feet!

Make your skin GLOW!

Take this magic pill and have the flat tummy you've always dreamed of!

Every morning, I wake up to these types of email messages.

I shake my head and hit the DELETE button.

For a few hundred bucks a month, I can have glowing wrinkle free skin, eliminate cellulite, and have my best bikini-bod ever.

All I have to do is "rub the lotion on it's skin".

I got'cher anti-aging kit right here....

You want bright skin?  How about eating fruits and veggies...

You want to less sluggish? How about drinking water instead of soda of any kind...

You want to eliminate the afternoon energy crashes? How about eating meals throughout the day.

You want to shed a few pounds? How about eliminating sugar....

You want to feel more energetic? How about busting your ass with some kind, ANY kind of physical activity....EVERY DAY.

Thank you very much, but I have my own anti-aging program.

And all it costs is my own blood sweat & tears.