Friday, March 13, 2015


Thanks to Tracie for the image

I'm a no BS person.

I don't like sugar coating.

I can spot a brown nose a mile away.

I expect ^^this^^ same attitude from my friends. If you ask me if you look fat in those jeans....well....I'm going to tell you. If you ask for advice on your swim, I'm going to give it to you.

The minute you come back with an excuse, I won't ever answer your question again because I know you don't want honesty. You want someone to agree with you. It's the ultimate poser.

That attitude is what my friends like most about me (well besides my dark, perverted, self-deprecating sense of humor....and striking good looks....oh and don't forget my charismatic personality).

Making improvements isn't about having people agree with you. Making improvements means listening to feedback, honestly, from people you trust. People who only want the best for you. These people are not trying to tear you down. These friends want you to improve. They want nothing but for you to be successful and reach your goals.

Trust me. There are plenty of ass kissers out there. Just look at FB when someone says they are planning on X number of IM races. There will be 100 "YOU GO!" Comments. The ONE person that says, "Hey...hold up....I don't think that's a good idea," is ignored or attacked by the person doing X number of IM races.

So much for listening to honest feedback.

We simply don't get better staying in our own little comfort zone. We will keep making the same mistakes over and over and wonder why we aren't getting better.

Most people reading this are going to agree. Others are going to say, "RIGHT ON" but deep inside they don't really agree because acknowledging that they do something wrong is uncomfortable. I won't disagree that staying in your little snuggly box of comfort is much much easier.

If you want to stay the same person your entire life, go for it. Enjoy those 4 walls.

The rest of us are going to go on accomplish great and wonderful things.

We annoy everyone who wants pretty, clean, neat and organized.

We do what we want. We grow strong. We're always around. We're the wildflowers.