Thursday, February 23, 2012

That's what you think? Really?

For Turbo: I got my ass kicked. Period. 

Alot has happened over the past 4 months. I won't recap it all for you, but here's the important part. I gots ma-self a coach.

Yessirreeee. I finally pulled the trigger. Why did I do it? Actually, a number of reasons but number 1 was that I pretty much suck, and I haven't been getting any less sucky.

Now that, THAT is out of the way, I'll tell you a little story.


I was setting up my race schedule for 2012. Coach and I have now been working together since the first week in December. It's actually working. Shocking, right? Pass the control over to the expert and amazing things happen.

I'm already off on a tangent. 

We decide that since I am really going to focus on sprints this year that I'm going to do a number of them. A number as in 5 triathlons and numerous running races ranging from 5k-5 miles. 

That's a lot for me. My kids are older. Both are driving. I have more time now to dedicate to ME.

Damn tangents.

My first tri of the year will be June 1st. It's a Friday night, should be a lot of fun. I've never done this race, but it gets really good reviews. AND they do a happy hour of sorts post-race. 

I sez to coach: Let's make this my test race. I haven't done a sprint in years. I need to practice everything! I need to practice fast transitions. I need to learn how to go fast. I need to learn everything. Please, I'm a sponge. Teach me the ways, O wise One.


Something happened

I mention the race to my smart ass BFF.

A few minutes later, she sends me a picture of HER REGISTRATION FOR THE SAME RACE, SAME AGE GROUP.


Let the trash talking begin.

Not by me, heck no. I'm not the fastest chicka on the course. No way.

BFF starts going on and on and on about how she is going to totally kick my ass.

And on the run, that is true.  I'll give her that.

Here's her reasoning:
1.) I'll beat her on the swim. (Tru dat homie)
2.) We're even on the bike (Really?)
3.) I'll make up the difference on the run. (Ummm ok)

Now, I like flying under the radar. 

And I'll listen to her trash talk.  (Mike and Jman and Googs have even volunteered to help me work on my own trash talking).

But here's what I'm thinking: I WILL BEAT HER. Here's MY reasoning:

1.) She can't touch my swim. I'll have at least 10 minutes. YES, 10 MINUTES on her.
2.) The bike. The bike. The bike. Awww heck. Do you KNOW how much time I've been spending on the bike? She thinks we're even. I sincerely doubt that. I think I can extend my lead on her on the bike. Coach has me doing more bike work than I have ever done in the winter.
3.) The run. Yea, she can beat me pretty easily. But can she make up say 15 or even 20 minutes on the run? Come on. She's fast, but she ain't THAT fast. 

I won't even mention that I've recently PR'd on the 5k....THREE TIMES in 2 months.

Nor will I mention that I'm posting my fastest bike speeds EVER.

Nor will I mention that I'm doing Master's swim meets and my swims are at the fastest they've ever been.

Nor will I mention that BFF doesn't have much history in the *training* department. ie: she tends to allow her natural ability to carry her through a race. Don't get me wrong, her natural running ability is pretty incredible.

I don't expect to place.

I don't expect to even be top 10. 

But this will certainly be an example of nature versus nurture.

Hard work versus natural ability. 

And, I am pretty confident that I'm going to get my own bright shiny new PR in the sprint distance.