Thursday, February 5, 2015


A funny thing happened. Someone found my super secret work FB account.

No, I'm not accepting your friend request....especially since you are one of the people I want to get away from.

Granted, I know it's not THAT hard to find, but you have to go looking for it.

Or (the other option) it shows up in your a "friend suggestion".

Oh Facebook. Really?

Even when I'm striving for anonymity, they make it so difficult.

That means that I started going through all the friend suggestions and started blocking people. This way, they can't see me, and I can't see them. Again, unless you know it's me, you probably don't know. I have no picture, no friends.

THERE'S A REASON FOR THAT, UNLESS YOU MISSED THIS POST and were completely unaware that I'm not really down with FB anymore.

But people can be pretty sneaky.