Monday, February 23, 2015

Race Plan


The exclamation point is completely warranted.

I made a lot of progress this off season. I'm so excited to race. I don't think I've ever been so excited.

I present you with the plan that got two thumbs up from Coach Liz.

My plan will be really simple. Everything about this race, plays to my strengths. The swim is a short sprint. The bike is longer and a perfect square (very few turns), and the run is 3 miles.

Although it's early in the week, the temp for race day is supposed to be a high of 71. I've been training for much hotter weather--using space heaters and bundling up on my runs outside. 

Swim: 500m
In masters, we've been doing a lot of long & strong pull sets. I feel really strong. For the first time, I know my paces based on effort. I don't even have to look at the clock. I've also learned pacing, and I can hold my form when I'm getting tired.
At this distance, I'd like to go pretty hard. Start the race and get my bearings. Then GO. 

I feel really good about holding a hard pace for 500m. That's my goal.

(Gel at the start of the race)

Bike: 14 miles
Geesh. This bike course heads out of the park, then does a perfect square and heads back.
I've learned a new level of pain this off season. I've learned how to not just hold on but push even MORE when I'm there. I'd like to hit threshold and hold it for the duration of the bike. This is a very flat course and with few turns, it'll be a fast one too. 

Fueling: I'll have my sport drink on the bike and also water. (About 200 calories and 750mg of sodium)

Run: 3 miles
Believe it or not, I feel the best about my run (meaning that we're going to see the biggest improvement here). The run has always been a matter of survival. This year, I feel different. I can chase down people, and I can go past the pain and go harder. I learned that, really, only recently. What I used to see as my highest level of output is now my baseline.

Although it's not my goal, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a run PR. 

Recently, I've been able to pick up the pace when I'm hurting. I have no doubt that I'll do that in the race because it's now familiar to me. Granted, the sprint is a much more condensed version, starting at a faster pace and increasing from there.

That's my goal. My last 5k was a 9:15 pace, but I've made progress since then. I'm going to start at a 9:20ish pace for the first 1-2 minutes, get comfortable then GO. No messing around. Really go (especially in that last mile). At my 10K, I shocked myself with the last mile where I ran a sub 9 pace. This is only 3.

That's it. I'm going to go out to Palm Springs. Enjoy the warmth, have a good time, eat really good food and meet some really amazing Multisport Mastery athletes.