Wednesday, February 25, 2015


If you have been following along with Tea's Great Adventures, you know that I am currently in a hotel room in Grand Junction.

There is no significance to knowing that.

I feel so relaxed and happy. The reason has nothing to do with me.

I have a few friends who are the creative types: journalists, bloggers (the paid kind) and photojournalists.

One of them,  we have known each other for awhile but live a little far to plan things together. However whenever we see each other it is like we've never been apart.

In 2014, this friend had a very bad year from a substantial injury to having a substantial personal loss. Everything happened around the same time, Feb/march.

Throughout the year, I read his articles. Although, the articles were informative and not about his personal life, I could see through the words. I could see how much he hurt. His "voice" was different. His word choice was off. The grammar wasn't his normal high standard.

His readers probably didn't notice much difference, but I did.

Yesterday, he published his newest article. I realized that he hadn't written in maybe 2 months.

He sounded like his old self, and it made me smile. I knew he was healing. The hurt, hurt a little bit less, and he was back to his old writing style.

But I think what was really incredible was reading between the lines. I could see the process of reflection that he went through over the past few months.

He was finally able to "let go".

It made me so happy for him, to see that he had the peace he deserves. No more mourning the past.

He is living again.