Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not crazy...in the clinical sense.

I know what you're thinking.

"Tea-girl....you crazy."

One day, I typing up a sob story....(it really was kind of sad though). The next day, I''m bitching about wussies.

I understand how that can come across. Instead of "crazy", I prefer to think of myself as "passionate". Yes, I have extremes, but I think that's just because I care so much. 

I'm not going to explain it away. Yes, I am. I work (primarily) from home. When I go into work, I'm not about to dump my deep "passionate" thoughts on people in the warehouse. Nope, not gonna happen. Instead, I'm going to dump into the internets.

The fact is that I like most people. I get frustrated when people don't believe they can do things. They don't push themselves. I'm talking about in any aspect of life. I know business people that don't take risks or dream big enough, even when they have a GREAT idea. I know athletes that don't push themselves because they don't see themselves as athletes.

And about the friend thing, I know they care about me. I know they do. People (outsiders) have said to me that if those "friends" really cared, they would call or email or something. But, the only people who know what a relationship was about is people in it.

I know. I just know, and it's ok. Of course, I'd rather have them in my life. I'd rather have things the way they were, but I think things could be better now. Sometimes, people are afraid to reach out. They don't have to be. I know because I've done this. (Of course, I've even blogged about it. What haven't I blogged about really?) I was uncomfortable reaching out to people that cared because I was afraid of being rejected.

We have to take those risks in life. Whether it's work or sport or relationships, we have to take those risks. It's scary. If we don't, we end up losing a lot more than we bargained for.