Sunday, April 25, 2010

That Sneaky Sneak: A race report, in 2 parts

What a beautiful day!

After having several snowstorms in a row, we were all a little worried about the race today.

"We" included: Yours truly, Mike, Justin & and my Thista ---------->

The Sneak is a 5k race and a 5 mile race. You can run both or run either. I ran both. Everyone else did the 5k.

Me and Thista arrived earlier because she had to pick up her race packet. I was surprised at how warm it already was. It was incredibly sunny and around 35 degrees.

We walked around, chatted, waited for Mike and Justin, waited s'more....when I look up at my friend HELEN is staring at me!

Helen, my friend from the gym, who did her first triathlon last year at age 80! We chat for awhile when Mike and Justin show up.....7 minutes before the race starts.

I think for a minute, "hmmm, I didn't warm up."

And then I look at the crowd of people all line up at the start. Oh shittake, how am I going to make my way toward the front? With a little slide here, an excuse me there, and a couple of quick steps, I manage to make my way closer to the front.

Since I didn't warm up, I decide to not go all out but to run hard and consistent.

When the gun goes off, the pack takes off like a wild banshees. Everyone is really jostling for their own space. So, I figure "eh, this is a training run, do whatever you feel like doing." Most people running the 5k are not then also turning around to run the 5 mile race.

So, I decide to slow from 8:30 to I don't know what pace, run to the side and let people pass. What the heck, they're probably going for PR's.

Me, I'm just out enjoying the day. La-dee-la.

We pass the first water stop. Really, THAT many people need water one mile into a 5k? Really?

Ok, well. The crowd has thinned at this point, and I decide to push the pace to where I am feeling a medium level of discomfort but that will still leave me with gas for the 5 miler.

WOW---5k's are short. In a blink of an eye, I'm done. I quickly finish, run through the finish party, grab a bottle of water and 2 small bananas, eat bananas, run to car, up 3 flights of stairs, throw my party goodies and jacket and hat in the car, swap out for my visor, and run back to see Mike finish.

Didn't get to see Mike finish, but we did hook up at the finish to look for Thista and Justin.

I'm frantically looking through the crowd, thinking that I'm going to miss them! My next race starts in less than 15 minutes.

Just then, I see Justin and Thista finish! YAY!

They finished in about 1:02. Mike finished in about 48:00.

Dang, I look at the crowds. There are ALOT of people running the 5 miler. Right before I head to the start, Mike took this picture of me and Justin. Yep, he's taller than me now. If I didn't know better, I'd say I look downright petite next to him.

I quickly say my good-byes (Mike and Justin head home). Thista is staying to watch me finish.


The crowd. I look toward the front. This time, there's no way I can make my way to the front and with 1 minute until the gun goes off, I don't know if it's really necessary. Afterall, I'm just training.

So, I decide to line up in the 10:00 + pace section. I'm pretty far in the back, but this race is really about having fun.

The gun goes off....and slowly I make my way to the front. Before I know it, I'm off and running again. I find myself in a great little pace that I'm pretty sure I can hold for the entire time. I don't want to go hard, but I want to run faster than a training run.

BUT, my legs are feeling the previous 5k. Oh my my my, I can hold the pace, but by the first mile my booty and quads are starting to.....HURT LIKE HELL. I just keep running.

I know I won't stop.....chaa.....hell no, that ain't going to happen. I decide to run a little harder. I pass the first water station. As I pass mile 2, I think "MOVE YOUR ASS CHAND". There's a very slight uphill from mile 2-3, and I decide to push it up the hill and pushing the leg pain away.




I'm more than halfway now. Maybe I ran too hard for the 5k. Too late to change it, keep going...and so help me, if you slow down now I will royally KICK YOUR ASS.

As I round mile 4, I look up, and I see Heather. Heather is an RD for all the Dip n Dashes and some tri's in the area. She's got a good pace, and I make it my goal to pass her. I catch her, and we chat for awhile. I fall back for a few steps and decide to go as hard as I can for the last .75 miles.

I really feel good at this point. My legs are hurting, but my breathing is controlled and I'm focused. As I round the very last corner, I'm pretty sure I was hauling ass. All of a sudden I hear screaming and "TEA!!!!" I look up to see Thista! I smile and wave and run right to the finish.

WOO HOOO! What a race! Faster than I planned to go, but not as fast as "race pace". (heck, I just did mile repeats, day before yesterday).

Thista meets me at the end of the corral, and we decide to go walk around the post race party.

Of course a race just isn't a race, without mini-goats....

Or chickens......

Or a guy dressed like an eagle.

After walking around, I could tell Thista was tired and was having some pain, so we decided to go.
We stopped to get coffee on the way home. When I got home, Mike had a nice big lunch all ready for me.
Then, it was time to shower.
Now, we're off to the Rockies game!
There can't be a better way to spend the day. :)