Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a double, double

Alas, my race season is starting.

And wow, I'm starting off with a BANG.

Sunday my double race. 5k first, rest for 40 or so minutes, run the 5 miler. This is the one where the whole family runs/walks/crawls whatever.

My goal for the 5k....same as last year.....run fast and maintain. NO FADING. C'mon it's a 5k. I've been doing my some of my best speedwork to date training for my A race.

This is NOT my A race....more like a C or D or maybe an F race.

The 5k is usually a nice warm up for the 5 miler, I should mention that the family does NOT run/walk/crawl the 5 miler. They prefer to enjoy the post 5k party and let me do my silly "running" stuff.

But I digress.

No time goals for these races. I just like to see what I can do.

2 races in one day....DOUBLE.

That, my friends, leads me to the next Double.

Two race weekends in a row.

Due to my ridiculous planning. The SATURDAY after this SUNDAY's race is Greenland. Just when you think I cannot top the stupidity, I go and schedule another race. I confess, I was oblivious to dates when I signed up.

Greenland is however yet another C, D, or F race. (I don't do E races).

I'm shooting for completion only, people. The course is hard. Oh so hard. When I ran it a few weeks ago, there were +35 mph winds, sloppy mud, snow. Truly, an overall joyful experience.

Not to mention, the whole 5 mile climb, 4 mile descent......repeat....repeat....repeat.


But don't take MY word for it. Check it out for yourself. HERE You might have to refresh the page.

The course is open for 8 hours. Do not be surprised if I come crawling in around 7:59:59. Look, all I really want is my medal.

That might sound like a bad attitude, but it's really not. I figure that 5 miles up (into the wind) in mud and slop and 20F degree temps means that race can truly only be better.

Besides when my friend D told me that he'd be finishing in roughly 4 hours. I nearly threw up.

Of course, he's also won this race in previous years. Not like win an AG award, but WINNING the whole race. So, he'll be finishing when I'm approximately HALFWAY.


But my legs sure do look awesome.

moving along

Two weeks after Greenland is my A race. My first half marathon. I am SUPER excited for this. I think I have made great progress over the winter, and I am anxious to see results. I feel very confident that I can get a course PR. How much is yet to be seen, but if I don't get it, it will not be due to lack of training. THANKYEWVERYMUCH.

That's my schedule for the coming weeks.

Just for fun, today was also a Double. Run in the morning, run in the evening.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Hate me cuz I'm more fit than you.


Just don't ask me about swimming or cycling. Let's get through the next 3 weeks and see what happens.