Friday, April 30, 2010


Because I was cranky & tired, I didn't go into all details. I'm still not going to, but for clarification purposes. Based on some of the comments here and on FB, I thought it was only fair.

The guy is an arrogant jerk who has said:

"You're not a runner unless you do a marathon"

"You're not really a marathoner until you run Boston"

"The worst possible thing would be to DNF at a race. Those people are just mentally weak."

"Ironman is the only race that will challenge me."

"I should be able to qualify because I can run a 3:30 marathon. The swim should be piece o' cake and as long as I keep my run speed up, the bike isn't really a big deal."

This is just a sampling of the types of things he says.

Of course not.....of course running a 3:30 marathon is all you'll need.

Of course running a marathon after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike would be easy.

Those issues....I can ignore.

But to claim that people (my friends even) aren't runners because they haven't run a marathon?

Apparently this guy was born with running shoes on and never went through the beginning stages.

Guess what else? I've DNF'd at IRONMAN.

Surprisingly, it took MORE mental toughness to stop the race than continue.

I've run marathon(s)....but here I sit anxiously awaiting to be referred to MARATHON-TEA. I might as well throw out my crate of medals because I have no desire to run Boston.

He thinks doing a sprint is EASY? EASY? I'll tell you what's easy, doing ONE SPORT FAR. That's easy. All he has to think about is when to take a GU and what shoes he's going to wear. Imagine going all out fast in 3 sports.

Let me add one thing, my friend David....his Long Runs which regularly exceed a marathon, are done at this LOSER's Boston race pace.

Still, we both just looked at him, shaking our heads.

That is why I think he is simply an unhappy/unfulfilled person who can only feel better about himself when he can talk about himself....over and over and over.