Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fit for a Princess

I'm not a Princess.

When I run, I feel like a Princess.

What would a Princess wear today?

Black headband, black jacket, white technical shirt, black gortex pants, black gloves, running shoes.

Running changes our perception of ourselves.

When we run, we change from the person sitting in the drab grey cubicle punching out email after email, attending meeting after meeting, into something spectacular!

Whatever our pace, we feel graceful, fast, gazelle like. When we're sitting at home, we don't feel lithe and fast, efficient and graceful. But, when we run, we can conquer anything, go anywhere, accomplish our dreams. or simply, DREAM.

Because before "do" there's "desire".

Before "desire" there's "dream".

Running takes us there. When we run, we become marathoners. When we run, we PR in the 5k. We forge a new path for ourselves. One that we wouldn't dare dream as we sit at home watching tv.

When I run, I'm a Princess. I'm strong and beautiful. I run fast and efficiently. People passing me just see a 42 year old woman, lumbering along, avoiding slippery spots. But I see a Princess slaying the dragons of the past, taking on hidden attackers, forging a new path for myself.

....a path that no one else can clear for me.

...a path that becomes uniquely mine as I travel down it.

Others might dream the same dream, but they have a different path.

Sometimes the path has potholes or obstacles. Sometimes I stare up at the path and realize how much I have to climb to get there. Sometimes it seems impossible to overcome.

But I follow it anyway knowing that it only becomes clear when I run.