Thursday, June 16, 2016

Where we go from here

Earlier this year, I had a number of races on my schedule. Two of them were canceled by the race director. The RD was very easy to work with, and I got a deferral for next year.

After a number of twists and turns, I ended up having surgery.

I scrapped my race schedule and thought, "One race at a time."

This week, Liz and I had my mid-year review. Although we talk all the time, the mid-year review is when we can take some time to talk in detail about everything triathlon: how am I feeling? How is our relationship? Is there anything I need from Liz? Is there anything she needs from me? Am I on track to reach my goals? Do we need to do anything different?

After the talk and after Boulder, once again, I've found my motivation at an all time high. There were so many things that I did right at Boulder. I got a glimpse of what could be, and I liked it. 

We came up with a new race schedule. I had previously registered for a couple of races (which I've kept on the DL). Those races are back on my schedule. In addition to those, we've added a few more. 

I am so excited. SO excited.