Monday, June 13, 2016

It takes a village

My Boulder recap can be found here.

"A good coach changes a game. A great coach changes a life". --John Wooden

The excitement and emotion from my race are starting to calm down. There are a few people in my life who deserve special recognition. 

First, my Coach Elizabeth Waterstraat: There aren't enough ways that I can thank you for your support over the past 2.5 years. You have helped me find that athlete that was buried deep an inside and pulled her out. This year alone, I have PRd at every single race I've done. For me triathlon, goes way beyond finish times and paces. You've shown me what it means to be a great person. With all your own accomplishments, you remain humble and your sense of humor keeps me laughing even when I'm wiped out from a workout. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for the confidence you have given me. 

Dina Howton Griffin: I never understood the importance of nutrition. I know most people probably contact you to lose a few pounds. Daily and race day fueling go way beyond losing a few pounds. At (almost) 49, I feel better than I ever have in my life. That goes a long way in helping me achieve my goals. I raced on Saturday, and I'm shocked at how well I'm feeling today (Mon). But, besides finding an amazing dietitian, I met a friend. One who sends me emails before getting on a plane, at stupid early in the morning before my race. Thank you, Dina. 

My swim Coach Andrew LeVasseur. This past weekend, I swam a 1.2 mile PR at the half iron distance. I know I'm one of the slowest swimmers at masters, but you treat us all as equals. You have spent so much time with me on stroke. My swim has improved so much. You always make practices so much fun. I look forward to hearing your countdowns (FIRST GROUP 5-4-3-2-1!) I know I have more in me to give. I know I have more to learn. Having you as my swim coach means I know I'll reach all my goals.

Mr. Tea: Because.....Best Man.

I can't tell you how much this meant to me. There are few people I respect as much as Liz.