Sunday, August 3, 2014

You can cut the tension with a knife

The ONE & ONLY....the world's GREATEST Sherpa signed up with Coach.

And yes, I got his permission to write about this. He's starting on a plan that starts as a walking plan and will become a running plan. His goal is to run the entire Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving in one hour.

Now, you'd think Mr. Tea, being the WORLD'S GREATEST SHERPA, would now appreciate all the work that I do.

Instead, the conversation went like this:

Mr. Tea: Guess how many hours I'm training next week?

Me: How many?

Mr. Tea: THREE. That's the same amount you trained just on Saturday.
(Then he proceeded to slink away laughing)

A few minutes later, he comes back:

Mr. Tea: Guess how many days off I have next week?

Me: How many?

Mr. Tea: TWO. How many do you have?

Me: Zero. I don't have a rest day next week.

(Heee heeee heeee---and he runs off again)

A few more minutes later:

Mr. Tea: What was that thing Liz called you?

Me: Steady State Sally.

Mr. Tea: She doesn't call me any names.....heeeheeeeeheeee.

Oh, this is going to get SO good.