Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I am a hopeless romantic, not in the sense of flowers on Valentine's Day romantic.

I am a romantic in the sense that I have always felt things very deeply, and I'm not afraid of showing my feelings either about situations or about people. For the people that, emotions like that, scare, they aren't in my life very long.

For the people that love that part of me, they know they will have a friend for life.

Maybe it seems like I've been really self-reflective lately. It's just how I am.  For as strong of a person I am, there are times where I need support.

Sometimes, when it feels like we're all alone. We're not. There are people there willing to be the support you need at just the right time. All it takes, is accepting that support.

Strength isn't about showing how strong you are. Strength is showing that, sometimes, we all need someone to lean on. We need someone else to take care of us for a little while.

This is not a drama filled post.

It's about being a romantic and being appreciative of the little things that people do for me on a daily, weekly monthly basis. It's the little things that say, "I care about you."

Because I've learned that I'm only as strong as I am because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.