Friday, February 28, 2014

A good time will be had by all DAMMIT!

I had a pretty bad week. It was bad in that it was one of those emotional highs and lows. I just kept wanting to get to Friday. THAT kind of week.

It's all good now. It's FRIDAY. I race on Sunday, and I ended up meeting a really great guy today.  I admit that it's a little weird how the whole thing came about. That probably means we'll end up being life long friends. Life long in this day in age, meaning we'll probably make it to Sunday.

Last week, I raced. If you remember, immediately after I raced, I BOLTED over to Molly's race to cheer her on, yell obscenities and in general be myself.

After her race, my energy levels were dropping quickly. I had a recovery shake, but it wasn't enough, and I was fading fast.

After watching Molly tear up the course, we  she was packing up and some guy kept talking to me. I, of course, was like, "Dude. Stand in line." No, really. I was totally blowing him off because I could no longer think straight.

At breakfast, in which, I was totally throwing down pumpkin pancakes, while Molly was discussing something that had nothing to do with pancakes, but I'm sure was very interesting. It occurred to me. The guy that I was totally rude to.....he swims masters with me.

OH sh*t. It's one thing to completely diss a stranger. It's quite another to diss someone you see every damn day.

Of course, I felt terrible because although we aren't friends, he initiates conversations with me all the time. I had no idea he was a triathlete.

Lo and behold, we both end up at master's today. I ran over to him and gave him a great big bear hug.....not really....come one, we're wearing swimsuits. Even I have standards, granted they're low, but I do have them. I went up to him and apologized profusely. Of course, he laughed it off.

We found out that we are doing the same races this year. We're both doing Loveland (olympic), and we're both doing the Peak (which is nice because my other 2 friends backed out of the Peak, and I'm always looking for a good a$$ to smack on the course.)  OH....I should point out that my cheerleader, sherpa and very own Harry Potter will be at the Peak and Loveland as well. She'll also be at SOMA! YAY!

Then, it got a little strange when he said, "You did Vegas in 2013 and 2012."

That stopped me. "Yeah. I did."

He told me that he was on the shuttle bus with me. "Stalk much?" I'm thinking to myself.

As it turns out, we've been at each other's races for the past two years. Granted, it is a leetle freaky that he knew I was at all those races, and I never knew he was there. And that he never said anything to me before, but at least he doesn't have hundreds of pictures of me on his phone (like my last stalker)....or maybe it's that he's smart enough to not tell me about it?

So, there you have it.  This weekend I'm racing. Of course, he'll be there and so will another friend from masters.

And a good time will be had by all.

Until my next meltdown, my dear friends.

Or my next PR, whichever comes first.