Monday, June 15, 2009

Up Next

Last week, I started Specific Prep 1. My strength training is now down to maintenance only (1 day a week) and I've added a mid-week long bike. My mileage all around is increasing, again, this week. Next week, I'm into a "testing" week. I feel pretty good and think that I've gotten faster, but of course it's difficult to say with the mileage increase and feeling fatigue most of the time. Although it is becoming harder and harder to shave time off my swim (hopefully masters will change that), I'm still doing a decent job on the bike and the run.

Training hours this week: 14

I'm glad to have today as a relative rest cuz I'm feeling the last three days of training. I'm tired, and I didn't sleep well last night.

I have Rattlesnake in roughly 8 weeks, and it will be my first Tri of the season. It'll be a good test to make sure I still know how to bumble my way through transition. It'll also be a nice test to see how well I maintain my pacing. Don't look for a PR for this race. Look for a smooth, well-organized race. That's success this time around.

btw--I mis-stated my goals....not that anyone called me on it.....but I didn't mean that I was planning on hitting ALL those goals in the same race. If any ONE of them happen, I will be thrilled! I believe it will be more of a mix: maybe 1 minute on the swim, 10 on the bike, and nothing on the run....that sort of thing.