Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Typical response from Mike Ricci of D3 Multisport

Because when women disagree with men, we are "off our meds" or "crazy" or "on our monthly cycle" (Those are all phrases he has used to describe me at one time or another. What else do you do with powerful women? I mean, we have to be controlled. The days of burning us are over, right? Next you know, we'll want the right to vote.)

Please read THIS article that covers the topic of how some men attempt to emotionally manipulate women.

WOMEN athletes: Take special note of his patronizing comments. His views of women come across loud & clear. (Take a minute, scroll down to see what women and men think about his comments).

The reason I wrote the previous post is because athletes have no recourse for a coach that mistreats & attempts to bully them. I have nothing to gain from these posts. He has everything to lose, so he is in full on attack mode now. People get angry when they know they are wrong.

He sent several other messages, but they came in at the exact moment I blocked him, which is probably a good thing because as one person said, "that behavior is sort of pathological". So, I never saw the rest of his messages.   In addition to this, he attempted to follow me on Strava today. Now, that's odd behavior isn't it? Fortunately, I blocked him as of yesterday. He has also been on my blog. Good thing I'm on strong enough meds that I don't find that just a little bit strange.

I cannot stress enough that I tried to talk to him to give him honest feedback about why I canceled coaching with him, but he kept attacking me instead. In fact, I sent the email. He responded with, "I'm not even going to read it." Alrighty then.

All I ask is that all of you share this information with people. ESPECIALLY women athletes. We do not have to accept this type of treatment from anyone. There is a reason he has very few women athletes....and no women athletes over the age of 45. We simply don't put up with that shit.

Oh and here's a screenshot of the training history that he deleted. There's more, but I think one month is adequate proof.

And this screenshot shows the last week of training history that still remains before he started deleting data.

This is just a small sampling of comments from total strangers and people I know. In particular, Thank you to all the men for your support (who commented that women should not be bullied by a man like this). You and Mr. Tea are the type of men who appreciate strong, confident & intelligent women. WE women truly appreciate you.  To my female supporters, thank you for your support and comments and stories of also being bullied by male counterparts.

Good for you, Tea! We are adults (well, most of the time) and should be treated as such. Name calling is just childish and has no place in a coaching relationship.

F him


Guy has some major problems.

Talk about major douch-baggery. I certainly hope you never took any of that personally because that behavior is not worth a second of emotional stress.

Sounds like a troll and looks like he needs a good fight Tea!

Look, there are so many GOOD coaching options with coaches who are passionate about the success and enjoyment of their athletes. There is no good reason to suffer through a coach that isn't the right fit, let alone a coach who is just a lousy business owner.

Thank you for having the guts to break the silence and let some sunlight and oxygen hit this subject. Bullying, shadow-skulking, name calling... sounds like a narcissist control freak who couldn't own you. I've encountered something similar recently and it's no picnic. Brava, Tea. For speaking up.

What. The. Fuck

Someone didn't like being called out on his bad behavior.

He's got a problem.

Someone needs meds. Coaching is a business relationship and crap like this should not happen.

You win! His warped perspective is very clear in that post - "You should really go back on your meds" = ATTACK I never doubted you Tea. Flush the turd and go have a happy life.

After his response I am glad to see that you are moving on. Life is too short for this kind of drama. Keep smiling!

"Chuck it in the fuck-it bucket and move on. 

Your results in performance, training and racing this year ARE the last word. 

Also, you should know that you are admired, respected and, dammit, LIKED. Because you are you."

Whoa. Coaches are weird.

And this from another coach: "That is truly unprofessional to tell someone to get back on their meds. The job of a coach is to work with the obstacles that the athlete faces by either modifying the workouts, changing the plan, or developing a new strategy to have the client start to see progress and success. The Snap-On dealer doesn't have a truck big enough for this TOOL. Ugh!!!!"

There's nothing much more patronizing that to play the 'meds' or the 'period' card. Beyond demeaning. You need to get a helium balloon, write his name on a small piece of paper, attach it to the string, and let it go. S'rsly

NO MAN should EVER talk to a woman like that. 

Wow. That behavior is nothing short of pathological.