Friday, October 3, 2014

Ironman Boulder 2015

Me: I registered for Ironman Boulder in 2015.

Mr. Tea: You did NOT register for Ironman Boulder 2015.

Me (trying not to laugh): Of course I did. What makes you say that?

Mr. Tea: Because I know you better than anyone. You are not interested in doing ironman. You could do it, but I know you. You don't want to.

Me: Ok. Well, I didn't register for it.

Mr. Tea: I knew it. I think that IF you decide to do Ironman.....let me think....IF you decide to do it, it would be in 2017.

Me. Actually, you are 100% correct. I've often thought that if I wanted to go back, it would be the year that I turn 50. Can you think of a more fun way of celebrating?

Mr. Tea: Well yes. I probably could come up with more fun ways to celebrate your 50th. BUT I think that actually sounds like a really good idea.

There you go. For my 50th birthday (in 3 years), I might be doing Ironman.