Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

At one point, I didn't think it would happen. Ever.

I have been thinking for quite awhile about the possibility of doing Ironman again. I had been considering 2012, but I really didn't have any plans or crazy desire.

I sat back and started looking at my race schedule for next year. 

Jan 8th: MS Blues Marathon
June 4 or 5th whatever the date is: Elephant Rock Ride
August 7th IM Boulder 70.3

The year was taking shape, and I liked the scheduling. Elephant Rock leads to the 70.3. The marathon sort of wraps up the previous year of run focused training.

That it's. That's year 5 of my 5 year plan.

Then it hit me that wanted to do Ironman again. I really wanted to do it. I didn't want to do it because everyone was doing it. I wanted to....

I picked up the phone and called Mr. Tea.

Me: I want to do Ironman again.

Mr. Tea: Ok when?

Me: Probably 2012, but I know the race. I want to do IMAZ. I started looking at a bunch of factors, and I realized that IMAZ would be perfect timing.

Mr. Tea: Why don't you go down this year, volunteer and sign up for next year.

Me: Silence

Mr. Tea: HELLO?

Me: I hadn't thought about that, but it actually works really well with my race schedule. I don't have anything after Boulder. It would be perfect timing.

With that simple phone call, it was decided. I'm heading back to Ironman.

I can do the training.

I know what it takes.

I know how to better manage my daily energy intake now.

I have the time.

Most importantly, I have Mr. Tea's support.

It's the right time.