Sunday, August 1, 2010

I went running today at 6am

and the world didn't end.

In fact, it was quite pleasant.

So pleasant that I think I'm going to do it again on another day.

To think, I did it because I HAD to. HAD to if I wanted to avoid things like dehydration or even worse death.

Y'see, I live in a place. It's a nice place, but the air is so dry that your skin peels off in layers as soon as you step outside. The heat is so hot that when the wind blows, your breath is taken away.

But I'm used to it.

Then, once a year, we have monsoon season.

GLORIOUS MONSOON SEASON.....when the humidity slaps you in the face like the b!tch you are, but it feels SO GOOD after having your lips fall off from the sauna days.

I'm also not stupid and 93% humidity is one thing. 93% humidity and temps in the 90's and running long is....well, just plain stupid-crazy.

I got up before the sun, and it didn't kill me. I thought it would, for sure. I packed quite a bit of water and head out to run just as the sun was rising.

It was already warm and before I even got to the 2nd mile, my arms were coated with a layer of sweat. There wasn't any wind, but it was just wonderful.

As I was running up the 2nd largest hill, a man-type was walking toward me with big bulging HEADPHONES. With sweat stinging my eyes, I smile at him and say "Beautiful morning, isn't it?" He stops and points both fingers at me and yells, "GO GET'UM!".

I couldn't help but laugh. From that point on, every time I was climbing a hill, I replayed his words "GO GET'UM".

I got home, and everyone was still sleeping.  I relished the fact that I was done for the day and it wasn't even 8am.