Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run, walk, stare at wrist.

Ms. G has been dying a very slow and Painful (for me) death.

First, the heart rate monitor function stopped.

Then, I couldn't use any training options.

Then, I could no longer upload to *anything*, not to training center, not to bt.com, not to buckeyeoutdoors.com.

BUT! I still had time and distance and average pace, right?

Well, I did until today when my garmin happily reported that I was running, running.....yes I WAS RUNNING a pace of 58:26.

The 3.7 mile course? Garmin insists it was 2.8.

Not to be outdone, my total time according to Garmin was 21 minutes.

I'm not the BEST at physics, but I know that Rate x Time = Distance. 

I also know that 1 mph X 21 minutes does NOT equal 2.8 miles.

So, I ran today. I have a general idea of how far I went. An approximate time of how long I took - minus the time that I stood in the middle of the street staring questioningly at my Garmin, willing it to start working. 

I'm not complaining. It was a sunny 45 degrees when I took off this morning. How can that ever be a bad thing?