Friday, March 27, 2009

ok that's set, well maybe, yea, no, ok, let me think

I've never had such a difficult year figuring out my race schedule. Last year, I didn't do much with CDA in June. This year I want to do more races but not sacrifice for my Sept Half Iron PR attempt.

I'm currently registered for:

April 26th: Cherry Creek Sneak. This race is SUPERCOOL. I run the 5k at 8am and then run the 5 mile at 9am. This is one of the best races in Denver. LOVE IT! This year, the boys, my sister, and Mr. Tea are all running one of the race as well. It's a family affair people!

Half Marathon (May 17th-ish) This will be a walk/run that I'm doing with Mr. Tea. It will be his first half marathon.

June 6th: Elephant Rock 65 mile ride.

June 14th: Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. This is my first year doing this one. It looks to be alot of fun.

Sept 12: Here it is! Harvest Moon Half Iron. If the weather cooperates, I'll be shooting for a PR.

Oct 18th: Denver Half Marathon. This is my next PR attempt. Last year, I PR'd on this course by a crazy amount. I'm excited to go back again this year! I've also found that after Harvest Moon, I always do this race well.

The one that I just can't decide on is Rattlesnake. I do this race every year. It's in August. It's an Oly and/or Sprint. You can do both, which I have and I got a WHOLELOTTA bling for doing the double. It's alot of fun.

I'm wondering if in July/Aug, I'm going to want to do another race.

Or....I could just do the Dip n Dashes. This year, the Dip N Dashes go all the way up to Ironman distance swims.

Yea, maybe that's what I'll do. They are in the afternoon. Fun...low key.

Yea. Hmmm.

I need to think a little more.