Saturday, January 31, 2015

On a personal note

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that we were in the process of acquiring another company.

It's amazing how messy that process is.

We ran into a couple of sticky patches. The first has to do with the location. Obviously, we have two locations.

The mind boggling part is that neither location works once we put the two companies together. The buildings themselves have their own set of challenges, which I won't go into because I don't want to write an entire monologue on LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

We found another location that would give us the benefit of designing it the way it would work best for us. The best part is that it isn't far from our current warehouse. It offers us many many benefits.

The other challenge is that it feels like we've been stuck in a holding pattern for a little while.

Waiting makes me crazy. 

In addition to all that, there are all the small issues (that I went into last time) combining systems, inventory, staffing, etc.

It's all good, honestly. Sometimes, though, it can be exhausting having to deal with the day to day operations AND managing a y'know sort of BIG PURCHASE.

On a more personal note, and I've also mentioned this recently. (Sorry if I'm repeating myself).

We have been looking at buying a new house. We went back and forth for the longest time. Do we want to live in the city where we can walk everywhere and having access to places and events? Do we want to live in suburbia? Do we want to have property?

For the past few weeks, We have driven almost everywhere in the state of CO. We found a gorgeous home in Boulder. We found a beautiful penthouse in Denver. We found the almost perfect house in suburbia.

But each place had a little something that wasn't quite right.

Today we went out looking. We've been doing this months now. After awhile, you get to the point that as soon as you pull into an area or location, you know it's a "yes" or "let's get out of here". We had a couple of "let's get out of here" moments today. Then, after spending hours and hours out in the cold and snow, we found exactly what we wanted.

We decided that we're going to buy the land and have a house built exactly as we want it. We found the perfect location. The property will probably be around 2-5 acres, depending on which one we decide. They all have the most beautiful views of Pikes Peak.

We have the floor plan from the house that we loved. It's quite easy to say...."Oh and we want this, this and this added" and see what the architect comes up with: Like say a SMASH gym for yours truly.

From buying another business to buying/selling homes, we're really starting this year out with a bang.

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