Monday, March 3, 2014

Update: Operation Super Fit

In Nov/Dec, I started researching nutrition. I started making changes very slowly. 

I started with the changes in training fueling based on the research by Dr. Sims.

Then, I started changing my daily nutrition based on additional research of hers.

Then, it was training. A lot of functional strength training and core work. In fact, it was about 5 sessions per week.

Of course, there were also the standard swim, bike and runs.

Everything has been going well because I made the changes slowly. For the past two weeks, I've made the next change: I needed to add more veggies. I know I was slacking. Fruit is no problem, but veggies? I wasn't having enough. The dumb thing is that I like them, but I'd gotten lazy. So, I bought some fresh veggies, cleaned them and froze them for throwing in my smoothies. It was BRILLIANT.

I'm still not counting calories. Instead, at every meal or snack, I make sure that I have a protein, a carb, and a fruit/veggie.

I Pay attention to how I feel. Am I sleeping well? Are my workouts going well?

And, I told.the scale to take a hike. I am not a fan of the scale and rarely weigh myself anyway.

Here's why I did it this way. My thinking is that my goal is to set myself up for the best year of training and racing, specifically for a HIM. (70.3 for my non tri-friends).  My body would adapt and change if I give it what it needs.

The update is that so far it is working well. I've gotten very strong. I'm getting faster. I'm recovering well. Based on how my clothes fit, I'm getting leaner.

Each week offers different challenges with training load changes or work issues, but I can usually adapt pretty well.

Like Molly says, "When in doubt, eat more." That's what I do. (Although, eating right before bed has taken some getting used to; in the long run, I think it is helping).

In our world, the obsession with counting calories and being as "light" as possible has superseded being healthy and strong. I know my way seems weird to those of you who drink diet soda and count points every day trying to figure out how much food you get to reward yourself with after exercising. My view is that I eat SO I can train, not vice versa.

I'm not saying my way is the right way. It is the right way for me.

And I guarantee, it is a lot more liberating.