Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Good Night's Sleep

Dear Good Night's Sleep,

We've been struggling lately. No more late night cuddling. No more dreaming of what could be.

It's been tough on me. I even admit that I've been cursing you each day for leaving me.

But who's to blame? Have you found another? 

Maybe it's my fault.

I can change.  You know this happens every winter. I have to cut back on my exercise and intensity level.

It affects me in ways that I don't really like. Sometimes I'm moody, irritable, but it's all because of you. You left me when I needed you most. I need the rest. Yet, you leave me alone.

I sleep better when I pummel myself with hours and hours of exercise. My mood is better. My outlook is better.

Yet, a body needs to rest too. I can't go 100mph all year long.

I can commit to this. 

I can change.

I am going to change, TODAY. I can't handle these late night wake up sessions any longer.


Will you please take me back?