Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 5 year plan

It's hard to believe, but I'm in my 3rd year of my 5 year training cycle.

What 5 year plan? You ask.

In 2008, I put alot of thought into how I wanted future races to look. I took a hard look at my strengths and weaknesses.

At that time, I didn't know if I would do another Ironman race, but I knew that 70.3's were something that I enjoyed.

So, my 5 year plan was goal focused and not race focused. This would allow me to do some different things while also working toward my yearly goals.

In 2008, I worked on my swim muscular endurance, or going hard for a long distance.

In 2009, I worked on my bike endurance & climbing.

This year, I am focused on my running speed/endurance at the half marathon distance. That means, no tri's for me this year.

During the past three years, these goals have (obviously) not been worked on exclusively but having a primary goal for a year gave me the ability to focus more on my limiters, than I have in the past.

In 2011, as long as I don't change my mind, I am going to do Ironman Boulder. It's a 70.3 in August and give me the opportunity to race in better weather than I have in previous years. Quite honestly, I am tired of doing half-irons in terrible weather ranging from record cold water and air temps, getting pelted by hail, & fighting 35mph winds.

The 70.3 is hard enough, and I've done 3 of them in horrible conditions. (Yea, remember my HM race reports? Screaming at the sky. I'm sorry for the RD, but I just can't go back. There are too many choices...yea, I know it's in my backyard but that only gets you so much).

But IM Boulder? Did I mention that I can ride the route every weekend?

August is a very nice (albeit hot) month in Colorado. Hot I can handle. Boulder will be almost perfect timing when my training volumes begin to increase Spring snowstorms will be over and fall will be a few weeks away.

Also, I get to take part in the dip n dashes throughout the summer as prep for the race.

Let's review:
1.) Weather
2.) Location
3.) Date
4.) Training races

What's not to love?

Unless of course, I change my mind.

That will be year 4.

Year 5 of my plan (unless I change my mind) means...sigh....another Ironman. Sigh as in I think it's time not as in Everyone's doing it so I have to....

Year 5: 2012....One son in college, one almost done with high school.
That level of responsibility really changes things.

Unless you've been there, it's hard to explain the sacrifice Ironman training takes. Getting up at 3am to do a 4000m swim and 3 hour bike before baseball/basketball/football games, it almost put me over the edge last time. (Not to mention having to go to work). And that was just sacrifice on my side....Mike and the boy's (during Iron weekends) spent the entire weekends only really seeing me for dinner on Saturday & Sunday nights. On non-iron weekends (ie regular training), I was just tired all the time.

Again, it's a timing issue. My 5 year plan peaking with an Ironman race. It wasn't intended, but everything just kinda fell into place.

Those always seem to be the best kinds of plans.

My race of Choice is currently Redman; however Vineman is the close 2nd. A July race versus a September race.

Unless, I change my mind.