Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does

Some people have to work really hard at being stupid.

Me? It's as natural as eating.

Several months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. A friend who regularly runs 100 mile and 50 mile trail races and wins. He was telling me about the Greenland 50k and said that I should put it on my list.

A few weeks later, I told him, "Hey, I'm gonna run the 50k". To which he replied by jumping up and down yelling, "You're gonna love it! This will be a blast!"

Fast forward to today. I'd pretty much decided that I wasn't going to do the 50k. I was going to do other shorter runs instead. I just happen to run into my friend who says, "We're still on for the Greenland race, right?"


"Come on. You know you can do it. It's all mental"

Me (thinking to myself): Except for that part where the snow and mud and cold and sore muscles come in to play.

Me (saying out loud): Uh yea, sure. I just have to start running...I mean y'know running real distances again. No problem, I have what 6 months to train?

Friend: Well, it's in the Spring, so not really 6 months.

Me: Right right. Yea, I'm in.

I've run a marathon with only running 14 miles. Ok, it hurt a bit, but a 50k is only about 7 miles longer than a marathon right?

Up mountains

in mud

and snow

and they have time limits

Give me a week, and I can finish.


I can do this.

I just have to go run.

And put together a training plan.

And buy some new trail shoes.

And start taking "Anti-wimp" pills.