Thursday, February 11, 2016

More or less an update

Thanks, Dave. See? Your name isn't always preceded by the F word.

There have been a lot of things running through my mind. Given the circumstances, that's pretty normal. 

I had my first race of the year; recovery time after that. 

I was starting the ramp up to my Spring race. Then, I was notified that the Spring race was canceled. Hmmm, what to do. Mr. Tea and I considered a number of replacement races.

Me, in my brilliance, came up with an incredible idea. Forget racing. Let's go on vacation instead. 

Instead of racing, instead of finding a replacement, we're going on vacation. 

I think I deserve a, "well played, Tea", for that one.

This blog is a safe zone. You can make whatever comments you want. I value all comments and opinions. When people agree with me constantly, I tend to become suspicious. Likewise, this is a space for me to share my ups and downs, thoughts (whether right or wrong) and processes for becoming a better athlete.

Those of you who know me outside of the blog, know that I have no ego. You can tell by the pictures I post & the things I say. I'll make fun of myself but won't make fun of others; unless, your name is Jeremy. 

I wanted to mention that before I share this story. I was genuinely touched & quite honestly a little surprised by a conversation I recently had.

I met with someone who I only recently met (about 9 months to a year ago). She said, "do you realize what an inspiration you are? Do you realize how many people you are inspiring?"

My skin crawls whenever I hear or read "inspiration" comments. I think the word is overused. I think people tend to say it as a way to make others feel good.

I never see myself that way because I'm just a regular chick. I'm not particularly fast, but I'm faster than I used to be. I'll work my ass off. If you are in the swim lane next me, we are most definitely racing. If you're on the treadmill next me, I surrender. You win. You could see me as "boring" because so much of my life is scheduled to make training a priority. I don't drink alcohol and haven't in forever, not for any reason other than I'm just not a fan. I go to bed early. I set up a race schedule a year ahead of time and don't waiver from it. (Other than throwing in the random 5k or 10k here and there with coach's blessing). Speaking of coaching, I do the work. If my coach or nutritionist advises something, I do it. Sometimes I ask "why", but I have grown to trust my coaches. Sometimes, I don't really care about the "why".

And, I analyze: what I can I do better, this year, than last year? What can I do today, better than yesterday?

Everything that I've done has taken time. Nothing has happened overnight. I think if you ask anyone about how to be successful in this sport, they will say, "It's the little things you do daily, over and over." (By success, I mean whatever YOUR goals are. You don't have to come in 1st).  My goals started with simply, "JUST DON'T BE LAST THIS TIME."

That was pretty ambitious back in the day.

It's doing the boring stuff. It's doing the stuff that's not sexy. It's the stuff that no one sees when you step up onto the podium for the first time; or the time you get a giant PR; or you swim your first 1.2 mile open water swim.

I considered the people that I am truly inspired by; I realized that inspiration doesn't come from finish times. Inspiration comes from attitude and the willingness to do what others are not.

I have always been a little afraid of saying things on my blog. There are days that I feel like a World Champion and days that I'm frustrated beyond belief. Sometimes, that's the reason for my absence.

I've never seen myself as an inspiration. I see myself as someone who does the work without wondering what anyone else thinks.

You should know this, people who are inspired....truly inspired by you....are probably watching you quietly. They won't tell you, but you'll see it in their actions.

Keep posting your workouts. Keep posting your wins and frustrations. Keep being the awesome YOU that you are.

You never know who is watching.