Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OSF is Back

What is OSF?

Yes....YOU long time reader in the back. WHAT is OSF?

Long time reader in the back: I know this one! It's Operation Super Fit!

YES! Operation Super Fit is BACK.

OSF is my off season goal. Super fit can be whatever YOU want it to be. It can be run fitness. It can be getting leaner, getting stronger. Whatever you want it to be.

Usually, I start OSF right after the holiday season. Since my tri season ended MUCH earlier than it normally does, I thought, "why not now?"  I'm strength training 3x per week. I'm working with a nutritionist. I'm running, a lot.

My goal for OSF is to become a more efficient runner. OSF will end in Jan. I'm also hoping to hit my race weight at that time.

I can tell you this: Three weeks in, and things are looking good!

This is the first year that I'm 100% in with OSF. In the past, I've done it half assed. Not this year!

I have some races coming up. I'm not expecting magic, but I am hoping to see a little bit of improvement from race to race (as long as conditions allow).

Wanna join me?