Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Beast


Have you done them?

If not, you're in for a TREAT.

A TREAT, I tell you.

They are ugly, hard. And, they make me make weird noises that sound something like a cross between growl and a, I dunno.....an attacking gorilla? 

go ahead, experiment.

No, you will NEVER understand until you do them.

The tabata workout is about 30-35 minutes long. 

Last night, Beast starts in on me, "We're going to get up early, right? We're gonna KNOCK OUT those tabata's right? Give us plenty of time to recover before Master's. Let's do this. 5:30am! SET THE ALARM"

You know Beast.  

Beast is that little voice inside you that says you can accomplish INCREDIBLE things. YOU ARE AMAZING AND CANNOT BE BEAT.

Of course, Beast is a GREAT motivator, but sometimes she's not the brightest bulb in the box.

For example, she doesn't know how I think. I'm thinking, "tabata's are big and scary. They make me grunt like an attacking gorilla. Let's have coffee first."

5:30 rolls by

and 6:30

and 7:30

and finally 8:30 rolls around. 

I HAVE to get on the bike now or I won't be done in time for Master's. 

My INGENIUS plan of pushing tabatas later and later didn't make them easier.

It just meant more people were around.

So when I left the room, I saw the sign someone had posted outside the room:

You will hear noises.
Do not be alarmed.
Smile and Move along.