Monday, September 24, 2012

For every bad day, there's an angry Eminem song

Have you ever noticed that?

No matter how bad your day/week was, there's ALWAYS an Eminem song that makes your upper lip curl up, fist pump at the sky and yell out: F&$% YEA M&$^A F&@$%#!




Normally, I don't write about work. Since it IS what led up to my Eminem explosion during my long run yesterday, I think I should explain.

I had a bad week. A really bad week. It all started a month ago. YEA....let THAT soak in a bit, but it culminated last week.

So much so that at one point, I slammed down my NOTEBOOK. YEA, MY NOTEBOOK! (Take THAT desk), and I walked out. 

Long hours, frustration, being pissed off, not getting much sleep resulted in a less than happy Tea over the weekend. 

I don't get mad very easily, so trust me. It was a DOOSIE.

Sunday rolls around, and I'm pretty mad at life. I'm mad at coach for the STUPID workouts....for no other reason (at this point) than I'm still just plain tired. I'm mad because I can't stop eating. (Although, I've never really gotten mad at eating before). I'm mad because I have to go do something stupid. I don't know what. I just know that I'll have to do something stupid at some stupid point during the stupid day, but first I have to do this stupid long run in the middle of the stupid day when it's stupid hot because I didn't get up in the stupid morning because I'm so stupid tired because of this stupid shipping problem!

I never said my anger made sense.

My long run was supposed to be 9ish miles, but I made it about 6.75 before I placed a rescue call.

I chose to run the hilly route.

My legs were tired. (Not as tired as the previous week but tired).

I didn't want to run.

I'm only running because of that stupid half marathon.

I'll never get fast.

I hate running.

I'll always be stupid slow.

This is stupid. 

I hate running.

It's hot out here.

I hate this.

I hate running.

I hate hills.

I hate heat.

I hate running.


EMINEM came on.

Yea buddy.


And all of a sudden, I had a friend who was suffering with me.

My lip curled up.

I started head bobbing.

fist pumping. 

I had to go to that place to get to this place.

We'll walk this road together.

That right Em. You sing the TRUTH.

And everything became right in the world.

I'd exhausted myself.

I couldn't be angry anymore.

I was disappointed that I just couldn't go on anymore, but I'll live to run another day.