Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Tea: I'm not doing it.

Mike: I'll give you $75 if you do.

Tea: No. What's wrong with you?

Mike: I just like marathons....not doing them watching them.

Tea: You DO realize that $75 is like $3 per mile? There's no amount of money that makes the preceeding 18 weeks of training worth the $75.

Mike (his eyes sparkling with excitement now): C'mon, it's fun!

Tea: Fun for who? No, running 26.2 miles is really not fun. You get to sit in a coffee shop reading the paper.

Mike: Ok, how about $100 for finishing in under 5:00. That's not hard.  It's a THIRD of an Ironman. A THIRD. Not even HALF. It's a little itty bitty piece.

I just look at him and shake my head.

I know we'll have this "discussion" again in a month.