Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome to the Gun Show


Dats right! It's a gym kind of day. Just me 'n the meatheads throwing weights around, flexing in front of the mirror, talking protein shakes, and routines, comparing bulging biceps....


That's exactly how it went.

But, I started the day by running. A nice little 4 mile recovery run. Then I did 40 minutes on the bike consisting of 25....YES....TWENTY STINKIN FIVE minutes of standing up and sitting down and standing up and sitting down....who comes up with this stuff?

It was after the run and the hell ride that I did my lifting. Of course, it was some ridiculous circuit thing consisting of 30 reps for EVERY exercise. Hey and just for fun, let's do it again....


If I only had a brain.

My legs were jiggly....and for ONCE, NOT in the cellulite type of way.

Tomorrow is a swim. A nice relaxing 3600m swim consisting of speed intervals.

The day AFTER weight training.

No problemo.