Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Many of you blog-followers know that every year for the past 4 years, I've done a local race called the Rattlesnake Tri. This race is in my backyard--as in I can walk to the race. It's one of the best races and most organized in the state. I love it. It consists of an Oly tri on Sat and a Sprint on Sunday. The bling is really cool, but if you do the Crazy back to back (both races), you leave feeling like you were just on Christmas week on Oprah. (I have the rattlesnake belt buckle to prove it).

Why do I bring this up?

Because my favorite RD's have announced TWO longer races. One would be a 100 mile tri (roughly 3/4 the distance of Ironman) and the 2nd would be 150mile tri (just over IM).

For endurance junkies, this is off the charts "cool" because we now have more options. Since 5430 was taken over by Ironman (Check it out), the local community has been split about losing a favored 70.3 to IM and watching registration fees jump from $100 to +$200. Harvest Moon is still around (and another local fave); it's also a 70.3.

However, if you're one of those psycho basterds where 70.3 just isn't long enough, you were out of luck....unless you want to spend your vacation racing instead of relaxing.

TA-DA! Now we have one....er two. Who doesn't love a local race put on by really great people? Best of all, no more spending the money travelling to a 140.6 (branded or not).

Afterall, I would much rather spend my vacation on vacation.

(If you're interested in visiting the website, it's www.150tri.com. It's not up and running yet, but they expect to have it up in Jan 2010.)