Friday, July 10, 2009

That kind of day

I head out early to do my long brick. I wanted to get there before all the families filled the "beach".

At 9am, it was already getting hot out. This was my first long open water swim this year. The water felt so good. The swim was an easy swim. I met an older women (70ish) out there who does sprints and olys. We do alot of the same races, and it was really nice to have someone to talk to on such a beautiful morning. Especially since, I had a bike and run planned immediately after the swim. We all know how lonely it can be out there.

At one point in the swim, I rolled over to look up at the sun. Birds above me, fish below me and only the cool slapping of water. I couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

Next up, the bike. Another easier day. I decided to circle the res a couple of times to get my hour in. I started feeling the heat on the bike and went through an entire bottle of water in an hour. I was glad I opted to take the T1 GU. I didn't think I needed it, but I noticed my stomach start to rumble with hunger.

When I get on the bike, I always expect to feel nice and cool. I guess the good thing/bad thing about tri clothing is that it's supposed to dry quickly. Today, all I felt was heat. Hot breezes, hot water, hot skin. Hot everything.

These are the crowds cheering, no bands playing, no aid stations....just me out there convincing myself that this is a good idea.

These are the days that make race days easy.

I kept thinking about the sandwhich and iced tea that I packed. THAT was a stroke of brillance. When I'm done my run, I'll go down to the water and soak my feet and eat. How great is that?

After the bike, I took a pre-run GU. It's really very hot now. I drink an entire 20oz of water (and still no need to pee...did I say it's hot?)

As I start running, I start formulating my half iron run plan. Do I run 5 walk 2? Or is that too much for a half iron? Maybe run 5 walk 1? I have a pretty lofty goal that I think I can hit. I think today, I'll do run 5 walk 1 because of the heat. Then on race day I'll adjust depending on the temperature.

At the halfway point, all I can think about is my sandwhich. I don't even remember the running back to the car.

I open the car door. I see my wetsuit on the floor. My bike is laying in the back. Everything is strewn about. I don't know why, but it makes me smile. I'm hot. I'm tired. Now, I get to eat my sandwhich.

I pull out my flip flops and exchange them for my running shoes. I grab my iced tea and head to the water.

I sit for awhile with my feet in the water, watching the kids splash and run around.

For now, I feel really good. It's time to enjoy and relax.....because tomorrow I'm up early for a 3.5 hour ride.