Friday, July 17, 2009

The Beast is in the hospital

My bike went into the shop this week. I waited patiently for the phone call saying that everything was done and come pick it up.

Instead, I got the "Not only is your bike not done, but you have a couple of big problems that we should fix, and we need to order parts. AND parts won't be here until the end of next week."


Well, maybe the mental break from riding outside will be nice. I was looking forward to my 4 hour ride tomorrow. Instead, I'll do spin classes and run more this coming week.

All of that is ok.....I just didn't realize that I'd miss my bike so much. I look at the empty spot, where it normally sits. I can see dust starting to settle where the wheels normally take up space. My helmet sits there empty, quietly rocking back and forth when I pass, they are old and ugly and pretty heavy, so I don't miss them much, but everything else....when did this happen?

My bike is 6 years old (almost to the day---yes, I know the day I got it, so just shaddup). It's a great bike, to me anyway. It's a Trek 5000, and I call it the Beast because the bike has always been faster than me. Of course, I have been catching up to it recently.

Well....that's it. swimming has been absolutely great, running is "eh", and riding.....sigh.....