Thursday, June 11, 2009

Final Answer

I have OFFICIALLY decided to not run on Sunday. Here's why:

1.) I originally signed up because Mike and the boys would be out of town. They aren't now. (Normally, that's not an issue but read on).

2.) We are going to the Rockies game at 1pm. This means I have to drive into Denver twice in one day. (Ok, not a big deal since I take the train, but it is over an hour of travelling each way).

3.) I have a long brick on Saturday.

4.) I have a 2 hour bike on Sunday.

It came down to this:I don't want to sacrifice any cycling for running. It wouldn't be possible for me to run a half marathon and ride for 2 hours AND still get to the Rockies game without rushing around like a crazy person. As appealing as that might seem, I'd rather enjoy myself.
My race is just over 11 weeks away now. The half iron PR is considerably more important than running a half marathon right now.

Tikki has spoken.

Today: 1 hour run in which I got caught in the rain and the tornado warning. I couldn't believe it. The storm moved fast. When I left, it was clear out. Good thing it was a tempo run because I was haulin' arse to get home.

Earlier in the day I did a 2150m swim. Endurance swim with a bunch of moderate and fast paced intervals. The intervals were longer and within them it was speedplay such as 4 x 250 with each 250 breaking down as 100 mod 50 fast 100 mod.

Moderate = no greater than zone 3 (pretty fast). Fast = just shy of all out sprinting.

Unlike Tuesday, today I felt very good in the pool. I used the guy next to me for pacing. He was seriously fast. Probably the fastest guy I've seen there. I would take off immediately before him, and my goal was to not let him pass me. I knew he was only about 5 meters behind me. When I'd flip, I saw him. I kept going. At the last interval, he caught me and beat me to the wall. What a great workout! I'm not sure I would have pushed so hard if he hadn't been there.

Next week, I'm going to try out the 6am Master's swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tomorrow is a 1:15 ride with 20 second accelerations throughout. I'll go early and beat the afternoon storms.

Did I mention that tomorrow is also Me 'n Mike's 16th anniversary? I bet 16 years ago he never imagined playing sherpa as much as he does.