Thursday, August 31, 2017

About Strava

Public service announcement

Many people are not aware of this, but local and state governments buy the anonymous Strava data in order to make their streets safer for everyone and so they know how build a better infrastructure for the future. 

If you live in CO, PLEASE consider joining Strava. About 2 months ago, CDOT purchased the data from Strava. As you are probably aware, in the Denver metro area, including Boulder, the goal is to reduce the number of cars on the road by 35% by 2030.

My county in particular is doing an amazing job at adding paths and bike lanes. I want this to continue.

The only way this is possible is for them to know who is doing what on which roads, paths and trails.

Let's talk about privacy:

1.) The data sent to the government is anonymous. It is strictly numbers.

2.) You do not have to be an active member on Strava. Automatically upload your activities. Make your profile private. Make all your activities private. (This is done automatically in your settings). Don't accept any follower requests. Your generic data will still be sent to your local government.

BOOM. YOU never have to log into Strava again.

3.) You don't have to buy a fancy Garmin or Timex or anything. Strava has a phone app. When you start your walk or run or ride, simply turn it on. (Again, everything can upload privately if you turn on the settings).

4.) The best part is that Strava is FREE.