Monday, January 16, 2017

Do's & Don'ts

Do be nice to yourself. Be your own best friend and biggest supporter. YOU are the only person you will know for your entire life. Be your biggest cheerleader.

DO get plenty of rest. Strength (physical and mental), power, speed are gained when your body gets rest and recovery.

DO what's right for you and you only. You don't have to make excuses or give explanations for doing what you do.

DO nothing. Have times where you aren't measured. Sit down. Relax. Turn off your phone, your computer, your tv. Meet a friend for coffee and sit in silence. Go outside and take a walk by yourself or with someone with no phone. Trust me. Just because it isn't on Strava, doesn't mean it doesn't count.

DO enjoy food. Food should not be a source of stress that has to be counted and analyzed.Get help when you need it. Hire an RD. Having dessert once in awhile isn't going topple human civilization.

DO SLOW DOWN. We have become a society of NOW NOW NOW. I can work harder and faster than anyone. It's left us tired, stressed and missing the important things in life.

DO the work. When it's time to "train/workout/exercise", do the work. When it's time to rest or recovery, rest & recover

DO use positive language ONLY. Research has shown that we reach our goals and can withstand more discomfort when we only use positive language. When you're racing say, "Hold this pace". Instead of "don't slow down". As soon as you say, "don't slow down" do exactly that. 

DO keep your goals to yourself; the really big important ones anyway. Again, research has shown when we share our BIG goals, we tend to miss them. This is because the relief we get when we share them is the same as when we achieve them. Once we share our goals, we take our foot off the pedal. 

DO something that scares you. Your fears become your limitations. 

DO remain humble. Always be an ambassador. Answer the same questions over and over for others. Internal confidence trumps arrogance every day of the week.


DON'T QUIT. You are closer than you think.