Monday, April 11, 2016


As an introvert, I have always written. When I was young, I wrote in a diary. When word processors came out, I started typing up my entries. When online mediums became available, I jumped(?) on the bandwagon. At the time, did any of us know the impact that blogging would have? I don't think any of us (me or my friends) knew what it would be like to post our thoughts online. I certainly didn't fully understand the reach that my words would have.

I've been fortunate. I haven't been exposed to hate comments on my blog. Yes, people have gotten mad at things I've written. That's ok. I know that sometimes people see themselves in my posts, when my post had nothing to do with them. Other times, people's own feeling of inadequacy come out. 

I never take offense to those comments. I live by the motto that other's actions are a reflection of themselves and have nothing to do with me.

Over the weekend, and since Friday really, my training volume has been increasing. Mr. Tea knows that when I'm done with a long session, I have a million thoughts running through my mind. He sits patiently and let's me ramble on and on and on. I have resolved business problems. I've had great ideas. Anything can happen during a long training session.

This weekend, instead of solving the world's problems, I went inside. I thought about where I was 2.5 years ago, which was when I started working with Liz.

Finding the right coach is really tough. You might need to go through several coaches to find the right chemistry and training methodology that works for you.

Thanks, Dave.

Two and half years ago, I lacked confidence as a triathlete. I lacked ability. I lacked strength (physical and mental). I didn't know anything about nutrition. (And, I have an MS in Exercise Physiology). 

I didn't know how to race. I didn't know what I was doing out there. I had no direction or a mentor to help me reach my goals. These were goals that I was starting to think would never happen. 

This weekend, I was trying to pinpoint the THING that started my own personal evolution. In a way, I was looking for that patient 0. 

Where did it all start? Because this has happened over 2.5 years.

I think it came down to Liz's belief in me. When my goals are X, she believes I can accomplish Z. She believes that I can do things that aren't even on my radar.

Having a coach/mentor like that, built up my own confidence. She would challenge me, constantly....physically and mentally, like I had never been challenged before.

She raised the bar for what I thought I could accomplish. When I just wanted to qualify for Nationals, she was making plans for the World Championship. 

And, I started to believe her. I started to believe that I could be amazing. That's what great coaches do.

This year, everything is coming together. I am stronger in every way. I am leaner than I have ever been. I can put out more power on the bike than I thought was possible. I recently ran a half marathon and a 5k 48 years old.

Most importantly, I believe this is going to be my best year yet. On Sunday, I sent Liz an email and said, "Something amazing is going to happen in Boulder."

She responded with, "Next time, you need to run, this type of run, slower."

Because besides building you up, that's what great coaches do, they keep you focused.